Animal Nutrition Book - P. McDonalds - Seventh Edition - download grátis

08/12/2015 10:07

The science of animal nutrition continues to advance and this has necessitated, to varying degrees, the updating of most chapters. In particular the new developments in dairy cow nutrition in the Feed into Milk System and the new nutrient requirements of pigs proposed by the British Society of Animal Science have been incorporated in the middle chapters and the Appendix tables. In addition new information, published in recent reviews of nutrient requirements by the National Research Council of the United States, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia has been included.

The emphasis of research has shifted during the lifetime of the seven editions of this book from mainly outcomes and the effects of nutrition on the whole animal in the earlier editions to mechanisms, both at a tissue and organ level and increasingly at a molecular level.The authors are mindful of the need to extend the text in this direction and have included reference to developments in this area. 

For this edition Alun Edwards decided he would step down and we wish him well. The two remaining authors felt that, in view of the extent of revision required to incorporate the new information, new authors would be required to replace Peter McDonald and Alun Edwards. 

Therefore, Liam Sinclair and Robert Wilkinson, Professor of Animal Science and Principal Lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition, respectively, of Harper Adams University College were invited to join the team. These new authors contribute a broad knowledge of animal nutrition and will ensure that the book can go to further editions. In this edition we have attempted to address comments and suggestions made by reviewers in order to improve the book. 

The subject matter is constantly changing and the authors welcome comments and feedback from readers so that the book can remain relevant and useful. Reviewing the book involved many discussions with colleagues and the authors are grateful for their constructive comments, suggestions and support. 

C A Morgan, J F D Greenhalgh, L A Sinclair and R G Wilkinson August 2010





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